Monday, 23 November 2015

5 Digitally Targeting Social Selling Tools

Proving social media marketing to be profitable is difficult. We're out there distributing marketing messages and building relationships, but we don't have the means to really know if we're getting value for money or simply wasting time.

The data is hard to track. The path to a sale is not singular. It's a spaghetti junction. At some point, the right prospect will take find their way to you.

There are tools to help. Tools to help you target your best prospects and track them across the net.

5 Disruptive Social Selling Tools

If you're a small business there's a tool for you. If you run a big business, there is a tool for you.

To see the 5 Disruptive Social Selling Tools recommended on Convince & Convert click the link and head over there.

You will see what they do and the benefits of each.

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