Tuesday, 10 November 2015

13X User Increase with Acquisition Marketing Hack

Getting new customers is hard and often expensive. Some customer acquisition strategies cost more than the customer's value. Many businesses stall and do not grow rapidly because of the costs.

But there are some strategies businesses can use to multiply customer growth with very small investments.

Lucas Emma used one of these strategies taking their user base from 150K to 2M.

How they acquired 2 million users in 5 Months

This one (inexpensive) growth marketing hack scattered the company's capabilities far and wide across the world. They were able to reach people they could only dream of... and they didn't have to do the work to get there.

To see how they acquired 2 million users in 5 months, you have to read the article written by Lucas -
“This 1 User Acquisition Hack” That Took Us from 150K users to 2 MILLION in 170 Countries in 5 Months.

It reveals the strategy they used to multiply and grow for a small investment.

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