Wednesday, 7 October 2015

New Google Target Advertising to Battle Facebook Innovative Dominance

It was only a matter of time. Facebook change the digital marketing game. They brought in offline techniques through the back door. Better target marketing.

It was only a question of when Google caught up.

Now they have with... Customer Match.

Facebook has proven the technique works, even though their advertising revenue is significantly low compared to Google's. But, advertisers that know what they are doing are making a mint from Facebook's advertising platform. Here's why...

...Smart marketers know the value of a customer. They know "a buyer's a buyer!". They actively build a list of buyers to sell to.

This list contains a special type of person. And any smart business person will find things to sell to them. They do not spend precious time finding new prospects to sell.

Facebook got that and gave us a simple way to contact our customers in exchange for small change. All we have to do is tell them who they are by uploading their details into facebook. Then, if they are Facebook users, Facebook can deliver our advert to them.

A laser targeted channel for our customers is created. Every time we have a new promotion we can deliver it to our customers.

This works well for Facebook because billions of people are connected to Facebook via contact information.

Who else has mountains of our contact information... Google.

And that's what Customer Match is. You can upload your customers email address to create an advertising list in Adwords. So, now you can advertise to your customers in their search results, with display adverts, on YouTube and in their Gmail.

This way of Google advertising is far better than relying on cookies because cookies can be removed and they do not work well on mobile.

Marketing to Similar Customers

The hardest part for any business is customer acquisition. Most businesses do not know how to target the right customer for them. They might as well drop a sack of leaflets from the highest building and hope for the best.

But now you don't have to be the greatest marketer currently alive. Google can target for you. Just like Facebook's ability to create a list of people similar to your customers based on the data Facebook collects, you can now do the same thing with Google's Similar Audiences.

Google will use all the information they know about your customers to create a list of new people for you to market to.

The technology just keeps getting better for business. If you have a list of customers, take advantage of the information and target them and find new customers based on them - And watch your business grow.

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