Monday, 12 October 2015

Case Study Implementing an Emotional Targeted Marketing Strategy

Optimising for conversions. Smart businesses are working every penny from their marketing budget, including online real-estate. Even though your digital scope can be infinite for little investment, it doesn't mean your prospect is going to stick around to see it all.

The attention span of the average person is getting shorter... It's now shorter than a goldfish's.

So you have to lead your prospect to the goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Implementing an Emotional Targeting Strategy- A Case Study

Enter the Conversion Marketer. A person tasked to improve results. An expert direct response marketer well rounded in the art of selling.

If you do not track your businesses performance then your are leaving opportunities behind. Your competition will pick up the business and pocket the profits.

Why would anyone make a lazy mistake and not use the tools and knowledge available to improve their business success? It doesn't make any sense, does it? shows how they tinkered with a website's homepage to increase the amount of people signing up for the product. They used their marketing knowledge and market research to create a juicy emotionally packed and targeted page with powerful marketing elements.

To see the steps they used and the finished tested page and takeaway the strategies for yourself, click this link... Implementing an Emotional Targeting Strategy- A Case Study

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