Monday, 19 October 2015

Greater Impact on Google SEO Results with Brand Marketing?

If this is true then SEO is dead for the small business - Who can compete with industry conglomerates?

It would take more than they can afford just to make a dent in the market share.

I know Google never use to take a brand's value into consideration when organising their search results... but a lot has changed. Could they now be using a brand value as a factor to give people the best experience posible?

Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor?

Or could the big brands be benefiting in another way simply because they know and implement something most businesses will not?

To find out if and how branding can benefit your business' SEO, you have to head over to and watch or read Rand's post asking the question...

Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor? Go there now to find out how you can beat your competition.

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