Tuesday, 13 October 2015

9 Tips to Improve Social Media Marketing Conversions

Dave's doing all he can to grow his business. He's taken a leap of faith and decided to advertise on social media.

It seems like a good idea to him because he can put together an advert for next to nothing and put it in front of people he thinks are likely to respond and become customers.

And he can do it for a very small investment compared to his normal print media ad. spend.

But Dave has heard digital marketing is different. There are new rules, new tricks, and different tactics... is he right?

Here's the problem...

Business owners believe they have to advertise to get business, so in the "old skool" way of thinking, they pay the rates for print advertising (in the media, leaflets, Yellow Pages etc.) and send out the message... This is who we are, what we do and where we are and how to contact us.

They get miserable results. They advertise based on the ability to spend. It's all emotional.

Then along comes a new media. A digital media, promising to put your company in front of their users for as little or as much as you want to invest.

But it's different. You have to do things yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Then you hear about landing pages and conversions.

It's all so much more complicated... or is it?

The truth is, it's no more complicated than marketing and advertising correctly in the offline world. In fact, internet marketing has made tracking and optimising easier for us.

Small and medium business owners rarely track what is working and what isn't in the offline world. Now, the digital beast has a conversion based backbone, which is new to people like Dave.

He doesn't know what a landing page is. He doesn't know any techniques for improving his social media marketing conversions.

So to help Dave and many others like him, Hootsuite has put together an explanation of a landing page and given away 9 top tips to Improve Conversions on Your Social Media Ads With Landing Pages. Click the link to learn from the 9 tips and make your digital marketing and advertising better.

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