Thursday, 22 October 2015

9 Hierarchy Mishaps Make Good Employees Quit

People are strange creatures. When we employ them we have to handle them carefully and tactfully. Otherwise, they will not perform the way they can and should.

Just last night we went out for dinner and ended up in a nice little place for coffee and pudding. The place was busy. One guy was handwashing an increasing pile of cutlery and crockery to keep up. The rest of the staff were rushing around serving the orders.

One guy needed some of the newly washed plates, so he was stood at the end of the bar gathering what he needed and ended up dropping a fork on the floor. He picked it up and placed it back on the pile he had to take out, grabbed the pile and headed out.

He noticed I saw what happened so he stopped at the kitchen porters pile and handed the guy the dirty fork. Then he went back for a clean one.

As he passed our table, he took a little guilty look to see if we were watching him.

Why didn't he simply pick up the fork from the floor and hand it to the porter in the first place? Does he feel undervalued, or not value the customer's right to appropriate service and hygiene?

I'm sure the owner would have been fuming at the lack of respect for the customer and himself.

He didn't look like a bad employee. I'm sure he's more than capable of making the right decisions without sticking a camera on him watching his every move.

I think most, if not everyone can relate to the euphoria of working in a job they like and having that feeling fade and change... then they leave.

It's bad for business. And there are lots of aspects that can cause good employees to quit. Aspects we can focus on and train ourselves and our management to avoid.'s contributor Travis Bradberry published 9 Things Managers Do That Make Good Employees Quit. Click the link now to see management mishaps you can avoid and help keep the better employees working for you.

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