Monday, 7 September 2015

Marketing Experts Reveal Top Reasons Why Talking to Your Customers Leads to Growth

Your money is being left in the pockets of your customers and potential customers because you're not likely asking the right questions.

Businesses do not talk to their customers from the angle of growing their business. Many businesses do not talk to their customers at all. And that's just bad business.

Especially when you can ask some simple questions to reveal quality marketable information.

Important growth question to ask your customers

To find out what you can learn, Spencer from asked 21 marketing experts:

“What’s the most important thing marketers can learn from talking to their customers?”

Most important part of this question is your customers. Your customers are really the only people you should listen to. People that do not give you money do not have a valid opinion.

Take what they tell you with an open mind because they can lead you to growth and greater profits.

To see the responses and the data you should look out for and how you can use it to benefit you business go check out this article - 21 Marketing Experts Share the Top Reasons Why You Should Talk to Your Customers

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