Monday, 21 September 2015

Effectively Create a Powerful Unique Value Proposition

What does your business do?

Can't answer that question quickly and concisely, and compel a positive response?

Most business people and employees cannot. They fluff their words, stumble and bore everyone. They fail at sparking interest and desire in the short time they have. But there are templates you can follow to write a Unique Value Proposition or USP.

How To Write An Effective And Unique Value Proposition

Whatever you want to call it... it is the short message that defines you from your competition. It's the message for your ideal customer. It is what you and your employees and media say to grab the attention of the person in front of it that gets them wanting to know more.

If you do not have one then help is at hand. has pieced together templates from teachings for creating a unique proposition.

Even if you already have your USP, it is worth looking at this article showing different strategies for creating one because as with all marketing, it's always best to test different concepts to find the one that works better.

Create a powerful UVP/USP and stop boring prospects by following the templates here... How To Write An Effective And Unique Value Proposition

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